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Interview Paul Tinnik

17 декабря 2014
Interview Paul Tinnik

Tiesto sets inspired me for electronic music

Hello. Please tell me shortly about yourself.
Hi! My name is Sergey. I am 22 years. I am from Russia, from the city Astrakhan. I am sociable person & I love sport.

Your first meeting with music as artist, compose, dj.
I am fond of electronic music for a long time - since 2005. Tiesto sets inspired me for electronic music. Lst time listening a lot of techno music. Started producing techno music under the Armstrong's Line project.

How long time you making, playing music.
Specifically I am engaged in writing of music since 2008. I am creating my music on FL Studio.

What is music for you?
Music is a way of transfer of the emotions which you can't describing in words. Listening to music, itself can create mood, and make out around many things which you didn't notice earlier.

Your favourite record of all the time.
Gaia - Tuvan, Tiesto - Adajio for strings. In a techno music I have not certain favourites. But in this style there are a lot of interesting compositions.

Your favourite artists of all the time.
When I only joined electronic music - Tiesto. Now I have no specific favourites.

How you see music in the future?
In my opinion music of the future will force people to test strong emotions. In electronic music there will be more synthetics together with a melodics and difficult rhythmics.

How you see yourself in music business in the future?
I very much like to practise music, and of course there was a wish to turn it into profitable business. It would be desirable to become the influential producer and the going on tour actor.

What can you tell to younger music composers, djs?
Looking for the individual sound that you were recognized because of a sound, but not a name.

Thank you for attention & good luck!

Warm regards
Sergey Krygin